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Choice Auctions

Click on this link to read an article about Victoria in the Austin American Statesman...December 2008 

Click on this link to see Victoria in action...November 2008

Click on this link to see Victoria's auction action as she was featured on CNN...October 2007

Choice Auctions enjoys giving back to the community by supporting local charities and conducting their auctions. Subject to availability, one of Choice' auctioneers will come out and entertain the crowd at your live charity auction. It is a wonderful way to get top dollar for your items and make the most amount of money for your charity while still giving your guests an exciting evening.  Don't let your guests sit through another "typical" banquet, let yours stand out from the rest! Statistics show that live auctions bring between 38-51% more money than silent auctions. Call Victoria (512-560-1414  TXL#15257) today to book an auctioneer to liven up your next event and give your guests something to look forward to! Please read on to see what kind of response we have had from the community!!! 

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